With each chocolate bar, we are protecting diversity of life on our planet and promoting true global change. Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to organizations that support species conservation, habitat preservation and humanitarian efforts.

African Wildlife Foundation xerces-mark.png

The African Wildlife Foundation, together with the people of Africa, works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever. AWF believes that protecting Africa’s wildlife and wild landscapes is the key to the future prosperity of Africa and it’s people. The Endangered Species Chocolate grant will be used to advance AWF’s Species Science Team.

The Xerces Society is a nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. For forty years, the Society has been at the forefront of invertebrate protection worldwide, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and the enthusiasm of citizens to implement conservation programs.




SEE Turtles is an Ocean Foundation conservation tourism project that links people with community-based sea turtle projects in Costa Rica, Mexico and Trinidad. Going beyond the ecotourism mantra of “leave only footprints”, SEE Turtles suggests that tourists should make a positive impact through conservation tourism. Learn more at www.seturtles.org.

Chimp Haven provides lifetime care for chimpanzees who have been retired from medical research, the entertainment industry, or no longer wanted as pets. Chimp Haven provides a home where chimps can live out their lives in large, naturalistic enclosures in complex social groups. Learn more at www.chimphaven.org.

The Ocean Conservancy brings science-based solutions to the most pressing ocean conservation issues of our time. Bringing governments, businesses, scientists, policymakers, and citizen advocates together to create concrete solutions that lead to lasting change – so we can all experience the ocean for generations to come. Learn more at www.oceanconservancy.org.

The National Wildlife Federation works to inspire Americas to protect wildlife for our children’s future. NWF protects and defends wildlife and works to restore the health of natural habitats and ecosystems. Educating and inspiring Americans to care for and protect our natural heritage is the main goal of National Wildlife Federation. Learn more at www.nwf.org.


Endangered Species Chocolate commits to a three year partnership with each 10% GiveBack Partner. At the end of each three year period, we begin a search for new conservation nonprofits to support. Applications are accepted from June – August during each search year. Our Marketing team carefully reviews all applications and determines the top 8- 10 that best fit our mission. The entire staff of Endangered Species Chocolate then gets involved! The top 8-10 applications are passed along to our staff for extensive review, evaluation, and discussion. A company-wide vote is then held to determine the next 10% GiveBack Partners. New partnerships are usually announced in October of each search year.