Our chocolate is carefully sourced to honor your health and the health of our planet. Our mission is to provide delicious, premium chocolate that has a positive impact on Earth’s species, habitat and humanity. Certifications provide you with information about how our chocolate is grown and under what conditions it is produced.

Click on each symbol to learn about the power of each certification.

Rainforest Alliance  RAINFOREST ALLIANCE

Rainforest Alliance’s little green frog mark is recognized by consumers around the world as the symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Working with the cacao farmers, Rainforest Alliance ensures that ecosystems and workers rights are protected. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms have met standards that cover ecosystem conservation, worker rights and safety, wildlife protection, water and soil conservation, legal wages and contracts for workers.


nongmo-cert.jpg  NON-GMO

This seal verifies that our chocolate is produced according to rigorous best practices of GMO avoidance. The Non-GMO Project and Endangered Species Chocolate respects your right to know what’s in the food you’re eating and the products you’re buying.



Seeing the USDA Organic symbol on Endangered Species Chocolate products shows that our chocolate is certified to be at least 95% organically grown. Organic chocolate is grown and processed according to stipulated standards which are verified annually. Chocolate bearing this certification is produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or food additives. Growers and manufactures that display this symbol must pass strict certification inspections in order to be approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).



Endangered Species Chocolate’s organic products are verified annually by Oregon Tilth, a third-party certifier. Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture.


Gluten Free  GLUTEN FREE

A gluten-free diet is a diet completely free of ingredients derived from wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. Endangered Species Chocolate meets the strictest standards for gluten-free, going beyond the requirements of government law and regulations. This symbol enables people to easily identify our chocolate as a gluten-free good with confidence.


Vegan Certified  VEGAN

Many of our dark chocolate selections are Certified Vegan® by Vegan Action. This certification provides vegans an easy-to-recognize symbol signifying that an item contains no animal products and is not tested on animals.

Please note that Vegan Certification is not an allergen certification; Vegan Action accepts products that many contain dairy due to being processed on shared equipment. If you have dairy allergies, please refer to the allergen statement located on the ingredient panel of our chocolate products.


Kosher Certified  KOSHER

Endangered Species Chocolate products are certified kosher-dairy by Orthodox Union (OU). For over 80 years, the OU has maintained the highest standard of kosher supervision and Kosher Certifications.

Since our milk and dark chocolate are processed on shared equipment, all of our chocolates are certified kosher-dairy.