We’re excited to introduce BARK and BITES, chocolate snacks too delicious to resist! Made with real, premium ingredients and packed ready for any adventure, these snacks are a daily indulgence you can feel good about because they're helping fund wildlife-saving programs the world over! Rich dark chocolate studded with chunky peanuts and almond slivers. Here to satisfy your snack attacks! How did we improve upon the winning combo of chocolate and nuts? By using bee-friendly almonds! Find out what we mean here. If you’re a fan of our Rhino Bar, you’ll love this snack-friendly variation. Amber bits of buttery hazelnut toffee blended throughout decadent 60% cocoa content dark chocolate. Every animal has an important story to tell. Look on the back of the packages for at-a-glance conservation stats: STATUS | POPULATION | PLIGHT | PRESERVATION Since it's our most popular flavor, we know you love the Owl we made a fun-sized version! Twelve individually wrapped, portion controlled BITES in each bag. The World Owl Trust protects populations of endangered owls until their habitat has been restored. Click the “How To Help” section of their website to become part of the solution! Only serious chocolate-lovers need apply! Did you know that high cocoa content chocolates like our 88% Dark are packed with flavanols, aka antioxidants, that boost heart health? Did you know jaguars have earned the nickname "ghost of the forest" for being incredibly stealthy and elusive? And last but not certainly not least, the classic combination of caramel and chocolate, spiked with a satisfying hint of sea salt. This pint-sized version of our Eagle Bar is one is our staff's current favorites! People need birds of prey to ensure the health of the ecosystems we all share. We’re a proud Steward Sponsor of The Peregrine Fund, protector of birds of prey worldwide.


With each BARK and BITES purchase, you are helping support species, habitats, and humanity.

SPECIES --> via an annual GiveBack to Wildlife Conservation Network, protecting species in 37 countries

HABITATS --> via an annual GiveBack to Rainforest Trust, securing acre upon acre of critical rainforests

HUMANITY --> via sourcing Fairtrade Certified cocoa, empowering farmers and their families

Ingredient and nutritional info here. Thank you for indulging in a cause!
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