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Common Questions

Why did your packaging and bar mold change?

In 2017, we received consistent customer feedback that our labels did not portray the variety of flavors and delicious chocolate taste that Endangered Species Chocolate has to offer, so we set forth to create an artistic interpretation of the real ingredients in each bar, and the mission of conservation that we support. Our new tablet style mold shape is a transition to a more premium tasting bar experience, and helps reduce waste in production as well!

Why did the nutrition label change on my bar?

The FDA issued new nutritional guidelines for food labels in May of 2016. We updated our nutritional labels to reflect these new standards, but the recipes for our delicious chocolate have not changed! You can learn more here:

My chocolate looks wrong/has a white coating to it, what is going on?

That white film is real cocoa butter that is used to make our delicious chocolates. Sometimes, when a chocolate bar under-goes extreme changes in storage temperature or is exposed to moisture, cocoa butter will begin to separate from the other ingredients and rise to the surface. This migration of cocoa butter is called “bloom”, and is totally safe to consume!

What certifications are your bars?

All of Endangered Species Chocolate products are certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade America, Non-GMO by the NGP, Kosher by Orthodox Union and Gluten Free by GFCO. Most of our products are Vegan Certified by Vegan Action.