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ESC launches oat milk chocolate bars

Move Over Dairy, Oat Milk Just Hit the Chocolate Bar First Plant-Based Chocolate Bar Brings Smooth, Creamy Taste + Health Benefits of Oat Milk

INDIANAPOLIS (January 01, 2020) – Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC), the number one ranking premium natural chocolate brand, has modernized the milk chocolate bar by replacing dairy milk with oat milk in its new product line. The 3-ounce plant-based bar will be available exclusively nationwide at Whole Foods Market this month before launching with additional retailers in April.

The Oat Milk Chocolate bar line includes three flavors: Oat Milk + Dark Chocolate, Oat Milk, Sea Salt & Almonds + Dark Chocolate and Oat Milk, Rice Crisp + Dark Chocolate

“Our consumers really dictate where we take our new product lines,” said Whitney Bembenick, ESC’s Director of Innovation. “We saw the growing trend of milk alternative products available and we knew we needed to respond to market demand. We looked at all of the options — from almond to coconut milk — but nothing compared to the smooth, creamy taste that oat milk brought to the table. With a taste closest to cow’s milk combined with the health benefits of oat milk we knew we hit on something that was going to check off all the boxes for a healthier and tastier plant-based milk chocolate bar.”

All three bars contain 55 percent cocoa and are made only with real ingredients — no chemical compounds. The addition of oat milk coupled with the benefits of dark chocolate bring a healthier option to the marketplace. Compared to dairy milk, oat milk is lower in cholesterol and provides heart health benefits. In addition, each oat milk bar is certified vegan and gluten-free.

“Whole Foods Market is always looking for first-to-market innovation that will surprise and delight our customers, and ESC’s Oat Milk Chocolate Bars fit the bill with sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients and a product that is absolutely delicious,” said Jason Krolikowski, Sr. Category Merchant of Candy and Functional Snacks for Whole Foods Market. “Oat milk is one of the hottest trends in our industry and we look forward to launching three exclusive oat milk flavors in our stores to offer consumers the taste of milk chocolate delivered in a creamy, delicious plant-based chocolate bar.”

With more than 28 flavor varieties, ESC is not only focused on delivering high-quality ingredients, but on its mission to support a sustainable eco-system that encourages habitat conservation and nurtures communities that enrich farmers and their families.

“Our oat milk chocolate bar line will continue our commitment to ethical trade and making a positive social impact,” said Curt Vander Meer, ESC CEO. “This new line will focus on educating consumers about three important species: the bumble bee, gorilla and zebra. Our hope is that this product will help get us closer to our goal of donating $1 million per year to our GiveBack partners.”

About Endangered Species Chocolate Endangered Species Chocolate provides premium chocolates made with ethically sourced, high quality, and environmentally sustainable ingredients that not only taste good but do good. ESC dedicates 10% of annual net profits to supporting wildlife conservation, adding up to over $1.7M donated to their giveback partners in the last three years alone. Chocolate lovers know that when they buy an Endangered Species Chocolate product, they’re not only getting a delightful premium treat, but also supporting a worthy mission. For more: chocolatebar.com.

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