coffee beans


If you are a fan of our Dark Chocolate with Espresso bar, than you already know that the coffee used to make this product is of the highest quality. Bold and slightly acidic with a mellow, smooth, lingering after taste, the ground Jim's Organic Sumatra French Roast coffee in our “tiger” chocolate bar is the perfect match to our signature 72% dark chocolate. What most of you do not know, is that not only is the quality of the coffee second to none, but the brand behind it is one of a kind. Jim’s Organic Coffee has been producing high quality, organic, ethically traded coffee for 20 years. The company’s breadth of knowledge and experience allows it to provide a delicious product that is environmentally friendly and gives back. Jim’s Organic works directly with their farmers to ensure quality, organic growing practices. The coffee beans are shade grown where birds and insects can thrive, creating a harmonious ecological system. Focused on organic sustainability, ground coffee cherry pulp is made into mulch to naturally enrich the beans soil. Jim (far right) with organic coffee farmers in Guatemala Jim’s Organic’s office and roasting facility are completely powered by renewable energy sources, including 100% wind for electricity. Committed to ethical trading, Jim’s Organic farmers are paid a more than fair trade price for their product, helping to enrich the lives of themselves and their communities. In addition, Jim’s Organic donates a portion of its Holiday Blend sales to help enrich the lives of those in the communities where their beans are grown with the building of schools, access to clean water and improvement of everyday living conditions. Guatemalan children’s library funded by Jim’s Organic Visit Jim's Organic to learn more about this coffee with character.
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