4th of july ice cream cookie sandwiches

4th of july ice cream cookie sandwiches

Celebrate Independence Day with these delicious and festive ice cream sandwiches featuring our 48% Milk Chocolate Baking Chips. The perfect summer treat!


  • Use your favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe - for tips on making the perfect cookies, check out our guide here.
    Ice Cream:
    • Any vanilla ice cream of your choice.


      1. Bake the Cookies:

      • Follow your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe to bake a batch of delicious cookies and let them cool completely.
        2. Prepare the Ice Cream:
        • Allow the vanilla ice cream to soften slightly at room temperature for easier handling.
        3. Assemble the Ice Cream Sandwiches:
        • Take one cookie and place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the flat side.
        • Top with another cookie, pressing gently to create a sandwich.
        • Smooth out the ice cream around the edges to create an even surface.
          4. Decorate the Sandwiches:
          • Mix the chocolate chips and sprinkles together in a shallow bowl.
          • Roll the sides of the ice cream sandwich in the mixture to coat evenly.
            5. Freeze the Sandwiches:
            • Place the assembled and decorated sandwiches on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
            • Freeze for 1 hour, or until firm.

            6. Serve and Enjoy:

            • Remove from the freezer and enjoy your festive 4th of July ice cream sandwiches!


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